Saturday, October 19, 2013

Dessert - Le Caravelle @ Canley Heights

Add: 233B Canley Vale Road Canley Heights 2166

Canley Heights has undergone some rejuvenation in a relative short time. New and posh restaurants and dessert cafés have opened and we are all keen to try!

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The FAMOUS Holy Basil's signature Deep Fried Ice Cream!!

The thinly delicate pastry is deep fried to crispy while the ice cream inside remains firm. Drizzled in butterscotch sauce to sweeten the deal. Served with ceareal flakes and strawberry to add texture.

Ah - couldn't help but smile!

The place is packed for the Saturday night sweet-tooth. It was crowded tonight but wasn't sure if the crowd is for the famous Holy Basil next door or entirely for the sweet cravings.
Le Caravelle is a casual wine and tapas bar and they serve gelato and frozen yoghurt. With such a wide range of offer - they are trying hard to capture all fishes in the sea.
Think Marie Antoinette - this place is bling bling, gold, mirror and dangling chandeliers in luxurious European flair. Definitely made us feel fancy.
With 10 of us, we can get quite loud and especially with a few drinks from dinner and more here. We were shown to a nice quiet table at the back. Permission granted for us to laugh out loud.
Cream brûlée $11.90
Affogato with ice cream.

We were told we must order a light dish if we want to to get a bottle of wine. Even though we tried to tell the waitress that we just came out from dinner, so we won't get drunk on empty stomaches.

Regardless we orders some fries so we can get a bottle. The chips were buttery crunchy. Sigh - I was way too full from dinner - otherwise these are pretty good chippies! 
Maybe it is still a relative new cafe, the waitress missed 2 orders. After some chasing up - we got all of our orders :)

We've got a wide selection of desserts in front of us tonight !! Lychee and Taro gelato, pistachio and green tea gelato, fried ice creams x 3, cream brûlée, coffee and affogato and a bottle of wine. 

I think we are doing swell! 
Opawa Pinot Gris $32.00 Bottle
Marlborough, NZ
(Display ripe lemons and pear flavors with a concentrated fresh succulent finish)
Crisp cool white wine that goes well with the desserts. Trust the French to pick the good wines!
I suspect that this dessert bar is part of the Holy Basil Group. Meal at Holy Basil then Dessert at Le Caravelle. A seamless merge to capture the whole market share.

A great hang out place.
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